Golden Acre Park – A Very Autumnal Walk

I felt like I needed some fresh air this morning after being inside for most of the week, so I went up to one of my favourite places, Golden Acre Park in Leeds. I went a bit later than I normally go and it was quite busy with pushchairs and dogs, but not so busy that it wasn’t enjoyable. The paths were still very icy, but straying off the path was extremely muddy – glad I wore my big winter boots.

Half way round we saw a lovely little squirrel, and it was coming quite close to us until a dog came running up and scared it away up a tree. Autumn is my favourite time of year, so it was lovely to be out and about with some fresh air and autumn sunshine.


2 responses to “Golden Acre Park – A Very Autumnal Walk”

  1. thebigbookofdating Avatar

    These photos are awesome! love your colourful post


    1. Thank you! That’s very kind of you šŸ™‚


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