Review: Charlaine Harris – Last Scene Alive

dead-over-heels-charlaine-harrisThis book starts off a few months after the end of the last one, with Aurora still grieving the massive loss at the end of the last book. She decides that she has had enough of living her life under a cloud of misery and that she needs to start getting back to normality. How convenient, then, that her old flame Robin gets in contact with her and wants to meet up.

At first, she thinks it’s because his new movie (which incidentally is based on the murders that she uncovered in the earlier books) is filming in her town, but it turns out that he really did just want to see her. I guess you can probably tell what happens over the course of the book, with Aurora falling for Robin all over again, and getting over Martin by getting under someone else…

Unusually, it’s not actually Aurora that discovers the dead body in this book, but she still ends up front and center. Seriously, if I was involved in this many murders, I’d consider moving to a remote island to live by myself. The victim this time is the lead actor in the movie, who happens to be playing the character of Aurora and was recently dating Aurora’s old flame Robin. Aurora also has to cope with a weird new employee at the library , discovering a terrible secret at the end of the book and leading to yet another murder.

But of course, even though she’s not the police, or even a private detective, she still manages to be the one who identifies the murderer, like a normal member of the public would be able to consistently solve crimes faster than the police. But I suppose you have to accept some far-fetchedness when you’re reading a murder mystery series, kind of like Midsomer Murders.


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