Review: The Queen [Of Twitter] – Gin O’Clock

gin-o-clock-the-queenThis was a bit of an impulse buy after I started following ‘The Queen‘ on twitter. The tweets seemed pretty funny and the book was only £4 so it was worth a shot. It looked along the same lines as Mrs Fry’s Diary that I read last year and found pretty hilarious.

After I’d bought it, I saw a lot of reviews on Goodreads saying that it was a bit repetitive with the jokes, and I would kind of agree. The jokes were witty and topical to start with, but you do get the impression that the same joke is being told again and again – in particular picking fun at Clegg and Camilla. I think the book would have been better to dip in and out of over a few weeks rather than reading in two days, it probably would have felt funnier.

I could quote parts of the book, but you’re probably better off following ‘The Queen‘ on twitter, I think she’s much better in smaller bites.


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