No, I’m not married!

For my birthday this weekend, I went on holiday with Cameron to Whitehaven. It’s a lovely place in the lake district right next to the sea. We stayed at a Premier Inn again which was pretty nice (even if the restaurant was a bit disappointing), but it was awesome to get away for a few days – and to be spoilt by Cameron all day on my birthday!

On the Sunday, we decided to drive up to Scotland and we found a shopping village in Gretna with lots of outlet stores. When we got there, I innocently checked in on Facebook (as I had been doing most of the weekend), but it seems that most of my family read ‘Gretna’ and not ‘Outlet village’, and my Facebook feed immediately started filling up with comments asking if we’d run away to get married, ranging from my Mum; ‘Well it’ll save your dad a lot of money’, to my cousin Mark; ‘Gretna Green eh, do it, do it! :-)’.

It was kind of hilarious, every time we came out of a shop there were more comments popping up, and it took ages to convince my sister that we’d not actually got married, plus a phone call from my Grandma when I got home on Monday night!

After that had all died down a bit, we drove up to Castle Douglas (near Dumfries) in the hopes that there would actually be a castle to look at, but unfortunately not. All we saw were two car crashes and multiple police ANPR checker vans. Oh, and a bucket load of rain on the way home, but thankfully that was the only bad weather we had all weekend.

After we went out for tea for my birthday, we went down to the harbour and walked along to the lighthouse and watched the sunset, which was pretty awesome. It would have been the perfect way to end my birthday if we hadn’t gone back to the hotel and watched Hot Tub Time Machine – Cameron’s choice (I wanted Footloose). That definitely won’t be making it into my top 10 films (or even the top 100). I think I fell asleep near the end, but after he had been spoling me all day, it was the least I could do to let him watch it!

On the Monday morning, we checked out of our hotel early and drove home through the Lake District, driving through Buttermere and then stopping in Keswick for a walk around and some lunch. After there, we drove through Ambleside and Windemere down to Bowness, where we stopped off for a walk around, a 45 minute cruise around the islands of the lake and then a huge hot chocolate (and I mean huge, the cup had two handles on so you could actually pick it up!).

By the time we set off from Bowness it was already quite late, so we drove home via Skipton and back to mine to face the inevitable inquisition about our time in Gretna…

But it was an amazing weekend, and brilliant to spend my birthday away from home with Cameron. I’d definitely like to go back up to the lake district again (maybe when it is a bit sunnier), and I’d love to go on a proper holiday to Scotland, maybe that’ll be our next destination!


6 responses to “No, I’m not married!”

  1. Missed opportunity I think! If your Mum, Sister and Grandma all queried if you were married it would have been acceptable! Maybe soon though hey. Sounds like you had a great time even with the unnecessary pressure to get married!


  2. Yep, I’m pretty sure my family would have found it very acceptable! But he’s kinda got to pop the question first 😛 It was a really, really great time, and very interesting to see how everyone reacted!


    1. I think you should break tradition and ask him! As I said the other day, do it, do it! 😉


      1. I’m not letting him get away with it that easily 😉


      2. I made a right tit of myself proposing whilst boozy after drinking loads of champagne on a work night out. Tracy came to pick me up to take me home and got a bit more than she bargained for! The worst part was asking for permission from Tracy’s Dad! 😉


      3. You can’t have made that much of a tit of yourself since she said yes! But at least you’ve got a funny story to tell Jack when he’s older! And I bet that’s terrifying asking permission, glad I won’t have to do that!! 😉


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