Scarborough and Whitby – Typical English Weather!!

When I realised that the Jubilee would give us two bank holidays in a row I decided to take the rest of the week off work. Cameron finished his final exams at uni a couple of weeks ago, so I booked us a little holiday as a celebration.

We stayed at the Premier Inn in the centre of Scarborough, and the room was much much better than the hotel I stayed at in London. Air conditioned room, big modern bathroom and a really comfy bed. A lot of people on Trip Advisor had complained about the noise in the hotel, and although our room was right on the roundabout, it wasn’t really much of an issue. The fact that the hotel was so central was good for walking into Scarborough, but did mean that the hotel didn’t have its own car park and we had to pay to park in the council car park across the road.

When we got there on Thursday we went for a walk into Scarborough, along the front and to the end of the pier, and then back along to the other end of the front and up the South Cliff Lift, which is apparently the first funicular railway in the UK. We managed to avoid the rain on Thursday, getting back to our hotel and down to the restaurant before the heavens opened. Unfortunately, it didn’t really stop raining for long after that.

We went to Whitby on Friday and got completely drenched. Although I’ll blame that on Cameron for leaving his brolly in the hotel room. Sharing an umbrella with someone who is about a foot taller than you guarantees that you are going to get soaked. When we got back to the car, I took my shoes off and tipped a puddle of water out of them. I’m glad that we bought the first series of Game of Thrones at Morrisons on the way so we had something to do in the rain.

But even though we had a lot of rain, it was a fantastic holiday. It was awesome to get away from work and family for a few days and just chill out, and to spend a few days with Cameron after living in different cities for so long! I just hope that next time we get some better weather…


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