Review: Dr Benjamin Daniels – Confessions of a GP

confessions-of-a-gpWell this was definitely not the book that I expected it to be and I was really quite disappointed with it. I was expecting a series of funny stories about crazy patients that had been into his surgery, but instead it seemed to be mainly a book of moans about targets and management in the NHS. I’d say the book was about 25% funny stories and 75% complaining.

I’m not saying it was terrible, and I guess it must have been hard to write while still keeping everything confidential so his patients can still trust him, but there just wasn’t as much humour as I hoped there would be. The author has only been a GP for a few years, so I guess he’s not being going long enough yet to have hundreds of stories that he can call to mind, so maybe it would have been better if he’d waited a few years before he wrote the book.

This edition of the book had a special bonus of ‘additional chapters’, which you would think would be the funnier/more outrageous bits that he’d had to cut out of the first part of the book, but if I were him I probably wouldn’t have bothered including them.

There’s not much else really to say about this book except to move swiftly on and give it 1/5, which hasn’t happened often on here…


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