Now Reading: Chad Harbach – The Art of Fielding

chad-harbach-the-art-of-fielding-e1333182174963I’ve had this book on my Amazon wish list for ages, but it said it wasn’t due to be released until the end of April. But I was shopping in Waterstones and I saw it on one of their table displays and I had to buy it. I didn’t really expect it to be out in the UK as it’s a baseball related book, but I’m glad I found it. I started reading it last night and it’s fab so far.

I’m a sucker for a nice looking book and this one is fantastic, it caught my eye before I even realised what it was called. It is a big book though, especially as it’s hardback. It hardly fits in my bag, but I guess that just means I’ll have to read it this weekend before I have any need to take it out with me. That could be a problem though as I’ve got a lot of tidying up to do before my parents get back from holiday – my brother is really messy, and now he’s out at work until they get back so its down to me to clear up his mess! It has been nice having the house to myself though, I’m looking forward to hopefully moving out sometime this year!

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