Now Reading: Suzanne Collins – Catching Fire (The Hunger Games Pt 2)

suzanne-collins-catching-fire-e1332001505516After the speed in which I read the first book in this series, I can’t wait to get started on this. I might have to slow down a bit though or it’ll all be over too quickly! After the end of the last book, I really have no idea what will happen in this one. My friend Abi mentioned something about Gale, so maybe he will have more involvement in this book?

With it being Mother’s Day tomorrow (eek – should probably go and buy a card or something!), I probably won’t have as much time to read this one as I did the first one. Hopefully the weather will be nice and I can take my mum out somewhere. πŸ™‚

2 responses to “Now Reading: Suzanne Collins – Catching Fire (The Hunger Games Pt 2)”

  1. I obsessively read these three books in a weekend. And then a smart blogger who commented on my blog about it said she wanted to take it slow so she could really experience it. I think she may have had it right since I just swallowed it whole.


  2. I agree, I think once I’ve read them through the first time, I’ll want to read them again and take it a bit slower. I always find I get something different out of a book the second time!


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