Now Reading: Rob Lacey – The Liberator

rob-lacey-the-liberator-e1330254420433I’ve read this book a few times in the past (as you can probably tell from the tatty edges of the cover), and it’s one of my favourites. I’ve not read it for a while, and I found myself really wanting to read it last night. It’s a telling of the life of Jesus as you’ve never read it before, the language used is completely modern and relatable (and sometimes a little surprising). Throughout the book, there’s also fictional interviews with characters from the story, and thought provoking questions at the bottom of many pages. It’s great as a point of discussion, but also great for reading through from start to finish.

As Lacey writes in the intro:

It’s not a Bible, but it might just get you reaching for one.

As with The Word on the Street (another of my favourites), Lacey wrote this book while he was battling cancer, and sadly passed away two months after this book was published. He’s left a marvellous legacy though, one that his family can be very proud of.

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