Now Reading: John Fowles – The Collector

20120124-191933I’m now starting the second of my borrowed books (thanks Mike!). It sounds a bit weirder than the last one, the description on the back of the book says:

… a nutty clerk captures and holds the art student he has become fixated upon, and there follows a fiendish interplay of sanity and insanity…

Sounds like it will be another book that’s out of my ‘comfort zone’, but that’s what I’m hoping for from this reading challenge. I want to broaden my horizons and find out what other genres I like but have never tried.

This book is only 280 pages long, but the writing is really tiny, so it could take me a while to read. I think I’m still on track though, I just need to read this book and one more before the end of the month.

2 responses to “Now Reading: John Fowles – The Collector”

  1. Sounds like the type of book I’d enjoy!


    1. I really enjoyed it (just posted a review a few minutes ago). It was a tad weird, but very enjoyable!


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