Now Reading: Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Counselor

photo-201So here we are on the last book in the series, it seems like it’s come far too soon! I hate it when I read a series that ends without tying up all the loose ends, like Harris’ Harper Connelly series that I read last year. What I really want from this book is for it to end in a good place. I know there won’t be any more books in the series as this one was written over 10 years ago, so it would be nice to know what will happen.

Saying that though, I don’t want it to do like what Rowling did with the last Harry Potter book, and just have a couple of chapters tacked on the end about the future. I’d rather be left wanting more than to be disappointed with how it ended.

From reading the back of the book, it doesn’t seem like we will already know the victim in this book, but nothing would really surprise me. This town seems more dangerous than the town of Midsummer…

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