Happy New Year (or should I say Prospero Año Nuevo?)

Happy New Year everyone – I can’t quite believe it’s 2012 already! I know everybody says this, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a good one!

I have a few resolutions for this year, which I thought I would share with you all, hopefully it’ll make me more likely to actually stick to them. Although saying that, my resolution from last year came true, so I’m hopeful for this year too!

  • First up, I want to continue to read my bible more often. My OwnIt365 reading plan will help, as will listening to the Daily Audio Bible podcast which I have started doing every day.
  • I really want to pick up on my Spanish again. I loved learning it when I was at school (and I used to be pretty good at it), so I’m going to get myself learning it again. It may sound weird but I do sometimes still think in Spanish, does anyone else find themselves doing that?
  • Read more – I’ve signed up for Book Chick City’s 100 book reading challenge, which is definitely going to be a challenge, but hopefully one that is a lot of fun!

I’ve decided to combine the first two resolutions by reading my Spanish/English bible. I bought it a couple of years ago (it took me ages to find), it’s basically a bible with Spanish down one side of the page and English down the other:


Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be able to read my Spanish-only bible (Santa Biblia), without needing to consult the English version or a dictionary so much.

If you’ve made a resolution for the new year, leave me a comment and let me know!

2 responses to “Happy New Year (or should I say Prospero Año Nuevo?)”

  1. Woah! That’s a brilliant idea! I’ve always wanted to pick up my spanish again since school and what a great way to do it! Are those bibles easily found online? I’ll have to get googling! … Happy new year! Meow.


    1. I think you can find them pretty easily on Amazon, they are pretty awesome though – just very heavy with twice the amount of pages! Happy New Year to you too! 🙂


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