My YouVersion Reading Plan

I started a plan to read the whole Bible in 6 months on 6th June. It’s coming up to 6th December now, and I’m sorry to say I am nowhere near finished. I’ve found it quite hard at times to get into a routine for reading regularly, so I am only 43% through the plan. However, I’m not too disheartened, as the Own it 365 reading plan was supposed to be a 1 year reading plan, so I knew I was being quite ambitious. I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to get back on track and finish the plan before 6th June next year.

When I first started the plan, I tried reading it on a night before I went to bed, but I often found myself too tired, so I was turning pages but not paying much attention to the words. I then started reading on my lunch break at work, but there were too many distractions in the office to concentrate fully. I’ve started reading now while I’m eating my breakfast, and I’m finding that it’s working really well.

img_3432-copyI love all the features that YouVersion offers. I’ve downloaded the free app to my iPhone and iPad, and these are synced automatically every time I read something. I can also catch up on my PC if I need to. I love being able to create bookmarks so easily (similar to the hundreds of sticky notes I’ve got in my Bible).

As much as I love the app, I do prefer reading my Bible, so often I’ll keep the reading plan open on my iPhone and use it to find where I should be reading in my Bible.

If you want to find out more about YouVersion, click the link below. Why not try the Countdown to Christmas reading plan to get you started?


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