Happy Birthdays!

It was my little sister Vicky’s birthday this week, except she’s not so little anymore – it was her 21st birthday. She’s had a few days of celebrating, it started on Wednesday night in Sheffield with a big party – I think she’s still recovering from the effects of that now! It was also my Grandma’s birthday on Wednesday, so on Thursday I went out for a meal with Vicky, Frank, my Grandma and Uncle Alan.

On Vicky’s birthday on Friday, we went for a meal at Palace Chine in Kirkstall at lunch time, and then spent the afternoon at the White Rose Centre. We both spent a little too much money, but it was nice to spend the day together for once. While we were shopping, Vicky bought Frank a ‘onesie’ from Primark, to match the one she bought a few weeks ago. They were both wearing theirs on Friday night when Andy came around – and then we found out that he was wearing his under his clothes – cue a few funny photos and some very strange looks from Hannah when she called in – I think she thought they had gone bonkers (and she would have been right)!

I also made Vicky a pretty cool birthday cake, which was great until we tasted it. None of us managed to eat more than one bite because it tasted pretty disgusting (serves me right for trying a new recipe), so it all ended up in the bin – sorry Vicky!


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