3 Strikes, They’re out?

After a rather busy, but very enjoyable weekend, I sat down to catch up on baseball for the first time since Friday night. The White Sox are now on a 7 game losing streak, putting us 14.5 games out of first place, and 5 games under .500. Since my last post about the Sox, we’ve been officially eliminated from postseason contention, and it seems like right now, the team has lost any kind of ‘oomph’.


I would have thought they would be playing for pride by now, especially some of the team that have not been contributing as much this year (Dunn, Rios, I’m talking to you…), but the last few games have made it look like they are just looking forward to going home for the winter. The rookies that have come up from Charlotte have been doing very well since the September call-ups, but I think Ozzie is still playing the veterans too much, maybe out of respect, maybe out of loyalty, who knows?!

I’ve read a lot of rumours that Ozzie will be moving to the Marlins when they move stadiums and become the Miami Marlins next year. I’m unsure what I think about this right now. The most recent rumours are that we were looking to trade him for players like Logan Morrison. If this was true, I think I’d be more okay with it. I love Ozzie, and most of the time I like his management style, but I find the constant disagreements and rumours of infighting with Ken Williams quite distracting.


I know something needs to happen before the start of next season, but how drastic it will be, we’ll just have to wait and see! I just hope that my favourite players (Paulie, Beckham, AJ, Buehrle, Humber) are still with us next season, so I can see them on my trip to Chicago, although I’ll be writing more about that soon when I’ve got dates sorted out!

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