Walking off with the White Sox season?

Last night was one of the rare occurences where a White Sox game starts early enough for me to watch all of it. Although now I kind of wish I didn’t! It was looking so promising, a 3 run homer by Alexei, then back to back jacks by De Aza and Morel. But typical of this year’s White Sox season, we still managed to give up an 8-1 lead and lose 9-8 on a walk off home run by Miguel Cabrera.


It had to be against the Tigers too, moving us to 7.5 games back, and 1 game back of the Indians. It’s gonna be a struggle to make anything of this season I think, but at least we have now seen some promising young talent coming up from Charlotte and proving themselves better (at least for now) than some of the multi-million dollar contracts on the team. That said, I’m not giving up hope until that ‘E’ appears on the standings.

Chris Sale

There was also a 36 minute rain delay in the game last night – although how it went from 98° to torrential rain, I have no idea. Seeing fans scurrying from their seats to run for cover while the umpires let the game carry on was pretty amusing – although I can’t imagine it’s much fun for the players when they are getting absolutely soaked.

3 responses to “Walking off with the White Sox season?”

  1. I love it when women write about sports. Good for you!


    1. I try! Still learning (a lot), so I don’t sound quite as smart as other blogs I read. I love it though – there’s nothing better than settling down for a few hours with a cup of tea (or two) and a baseball game!


  2. […] a 7 game losing streak, putting us 14.5 games out of first place, and 5 games under .500. Since my last post about the Sox, we’ve been officially eliminated from postseason contention, and it seems like […]


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