Road Trip

I was doing a training session for work today in Devizes. The Train Line website reckoned it would take 11 hours 59 minutes on the train, so I decided driving would be a better option(!) Devizes is about an hour from Bristol, so I drove down last night and am staying with my Uncle Alan until Sunday.

I’ve not been to Wiltshire before, but it was lovely, and the people were so friendly – I even got called ma’am in Somerfields! I found a nice little park to eat my lunch, and had a walk around to look at some of the grand old buildings! I should have taken my camera but you’ll have to make do with a couple of iPhone pictures!

20110520-110144 20110520-110220

When I got home from Devizes, I went for dinner with my Uncle at his friend’s restaurant – Ronnies in Thornbury. It was the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten! I had mushroom soup and prawn ravioli, and it was lush! I also tried scallops for the first time and they were yummy! I think I overdid it on the wine though. I don’t usually drink, but we shared a bottle of wine – I think I’ll feel it in the morning!

If only I could switch Bradford Thornbury with Bristol Thornbury, I’d never leave the place!

Lush food, good company and great service – could you ask for a better Friday night?

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