Rocket Fuel for Breakfast?!

I don’t know what the White Sox had for breakfast yesterday but it must have been bloody good! 18-1 over the Athletics. Now I get that they aren’t the best team in baseball and it is still spring training, but that was pretty awesome!

I was watching the game on Gameday on my iPhone because it wasn’t available as a free spring training game, but I couldn’t stop watching. The 4th inning had to be the best, I think any time one guy bats twice in one inning, you know you’re having a good game!



I was most pleased last night with Carlos Quentin. Now I don’t claim to be a baseball expert (or anything close), but I was starting to get a bit worried about Carlos this spring training, and he really picked himself up yesterday, leading the team with 4 hits.


Also Gordon Beckham. He is my favourite player so I may be a bit biased, but he seems to be having a really good spring. I’m hoping he can get over last year and return back to his rookie of the year form.


We are playing the Athletics tonight, so let’s hope we can carry on the good form and have a stonking game again tonight!

One response to “Rocket Fuel for Breakfast?!”

  1. So, Lastings Milledge has a crush on Gordon Beckham as well, you have some competition there then. He could have been a bit more subtle in public.


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