New Car!

After spending a lot of money on repairing my car recently, all the oil leaking out of the tank was the final straw, so I decided to give it up and get a new car. I picked it up on Thursday last week and I love it!! It’s got a smaller engine than my last car (1.3 instead of 1.4) but it is so much more powerful. It’s a diesel car rather than petrol (must remember when I go to the petrol station!), so the engine sounds (and behaves) a lot differently. I’m still getting used to how differently it drives, but after a trip down to Sheffield yesterday to see Vicky, I think I’m getting there. It drives so much smoother than my old car, and it’s so much nicer inside and out. I was thinking about getting another second hand car, but after the bad experience with my last one, I decided to get a brand new one. It’s £100 cheaper on road tax, and supposedly does 70 mpg (as opposed to about 30 on my old car). It was expensive but totally worth it!

img_0812 img_0813


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